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Exaella - Kono Sekai

Exaella - Kono Sekai
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Exaella - Kono Sekai (Single)

Exaella - Kono Sekai (Single 2014) 1 Song  |  Personal License

«Kono Sekai» - a new dance music single and the character song of Exaella.

You can hear the shortened preview-version of this track in the video overview above.

Voiced by Akari Yamamoto(あかり山本) and based on Exaella Anime Opening Song.

Music & Lyrics by Andrew Oudot


Digital Package Contains:

1 Exaella-Kono_Sekai(Dance_Single).mp3 - One Song in mp3 format (320kbps)

2 Exaella-Kono_Sekai(Dance_Single)Digital-Release-Detalization.pdf - Optional Description

3 Exaella-Kono_Sekai(Dance_Single)Lyrics-Eng.pdf - Optional Lyrics Translation in English

4 Exaella-Kono_Sekai(Dance_Single)Lyrics-Rus.pdf - Optional Lyrics Translation in Russian

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genre: Dance, J-Pop
contains: 1 song
              runtime: 04:45 (mm, ss)
format: mp3 (320kbps)
16bit, 44.100kHz, Stereo.
lyrics: Andrew Oudot
vocal: Akari Yamamoto
music: Andrew Oudot














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