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Exaella Anime Episodes 1-4

Exaella Anime Episodes 1-4
Brand: Andrew Oudot & Isakawa Denisu
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Exaella Anime Download

Exaella Anime OVA   |   MP4 Digital Download | Episodes 1-4                                      

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01. Exaella_OVA_Jp_Ep_1.mp4 (227.55MB)
02. Exaella_OVA_Jp_Ep_2.mp4 (229.74MB)
03. Exaella_OVA_Jp_Ep_3.mp4 (255.34MB)
04. Exaella_OVA_Jp_Ep_4.mp4 (218.42MB)

5. Exaella_OVA_Jp-Eng-Dub_Ep_1.mp4 (227.58MB)
06. Exaella_OVA_Jp-Eng-Dub_Ep_2.mp4 (229.85MB)
07. Exaella_OVA_Jp-Eng-Dub_Ep_3.mp4 (255.43MB)
08. Exaella_OVA_Jp-Eng-Dub_Ep_4.mp4 (218.52MB)

09. Exaella_OVA_Jp-Rus-Dub_Ep_1.mp4 (227.57MB)
10. Exaella_OVA_Jp-Rus-Dub_Ep_2.mp4 (229.83MB)
11. Exaella_OVA_Jp-Rus-Dub_Ep_3.mp4 (255.43MB)
12. Exaella_OVA_Jp-Rus-Dub_Ep_4.mp4 (218.50MB)

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Exaella is a new science-fiction Original Video Animation (OVA) anime in the style of cyberpunk, Produced by Andrew Oudot and Co-Produced by Isakawa Denisu in 2011.

This new anime is based on an original story by Andrew Oudot.

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MP4, NTSC 720X480 Wide, AC3, 48.0kHz Stereo
Contains 8 video files in MP4 format
genre: cyberpunk anime
contains: 4 episodes
episode duration: 22:30 min.
total duration: 90 min.
sound: Japanese
voice-over: English
optional subtitles: English, Russian.
Producer: Andrew Oudot
Co-Producer: Isakawa Denisu
age rating: 14+ (by
Distribution certificate № 214017011 from 29.11.11
Film created by Andrew Oudot in 2011г.














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