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general rules

This document is a contract offer of sale between and the Buyer, which applies to any product. Placing an order in our shop you confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions of the shop and accept the current rules.

How to buy

When buying any of the products in our online shop, the Buyer must read and accept the ‘general rules’ before payment. Also, before making payment, the Buyer should view all available demos, technical specifications, requirements, restrictions, and other properties and descriptions of the product to see and decide whether the product meets the Buyer’s personal needs, and whether it is compatible with any technical equipment that the purchased product is to be used with.


When registering with the online shop, the Buyer should only enter valid information.  If you register with a false name or address, the administration reserves the right to refuse to provide service and delete the account. To activate your account, you should wait for an email to be sent to your address. This will happen once an administrator has checked your application. The information requested during registration is required only for the processing of orders . It is not used by us for any other purposes and is not disclosed to third parties. After you have activated your account, a message will be sent to your email address containing a link invitation to your account page, after which it will be possible to finalize and pay for your order. Before payment, the Buyer should carefully review the contents of the order and make sure that the products are selected correctly and in the right quantities.


Before the payment, it is necessary to select currency and language settings for your region. You can pay for the products available in the shop using PayPal. After confirming your order, you will be redirected to the secure PayPal payment page to complete your purchase. After successful payment you will receive an electronic receipt. The receipt will show all the information about the purchase and payment.


Deliveries are applied only for the physical products and made on working days only and not available on Sundays or public holidays. Delivery involves third-party delivery services, which vary by region. The method and provider of delivery is chosen by the Buyer from a list when ordering. Terms and shipping costs in your region depend on the choice of delivery service provider, which in turn determines the rates and terms of delivery. Delivery is only available in the  regions shown in a drop-down list when ordering. In the case of urgent deliveries, progress tracking is performed by means of tracking number, which is created by the delivery service providers and sent to your email address. Shipments by regular mail do not have a means of tracking and usually take from two to three weeks, depending on the distance to your region.

Order processing begins the day after order confirmation and receipt of payment. For digital products a delivery charge is not applied, and you can access the product immediately after confirmation of payment. The product will be sent with the confirmation email.


To ensure accurate and helpful communication, all messages between our customers and the shop are sent via email. Both we and our Buyers find this works best when it comes to resolving difficulties. When exchanging emails with the shop please leave all the text from the original message. This reduces the confusion, and results in a prompt resolution of issue.

If you place an incorrect order or wish to cancel one, you should use your personal account page and send a message to the shop containing the order number, order date, the reasons for cancellation and your request so that the shop could review your situation and then quickly and accurately help to solve your problem.

If you change your mind (cancellation, exchange, return), where physical products are concerned all shipping costs will be covered by the Buyer. Cancellation of payment is only possible before order execution. Please be aware that REFUND OF ANY DOWNLOADED DIGITAL PRODUCTS IS IMPOSSIBLE, because of the possibility that copies have been made.

Physical products can be returned only if they have not been used and their appearance is unchanged. The integrity of production labels and packaging must also be preserved intact.

If you receive goods that have been damaged during shipping you can write to the shop for a resolution of the problem. In case of damage when downloading a digital copy, the purchaser may apply to the Authority for re-issue within 5 days from the date of payment.

In all cases, any negotiations should be conducted / documented only in writing by email, and should contain the name of the Buyer, full address, the name and the series of the product, the value of the order and the date of purchase.

Rules of the shop and interaction between the shop and the Buyers are governed by the Russian law and any disputes can be resolved only in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, as amended on the date of purchase.

WARNING! All provided products, both physical and digital, are purchased for private use. Video products purchased in the shop are only licensed for home viewing. Audiovisual products purchased from this shop cannot be used as a means of generating profits through illegal duplication for republication, resale, any kind of air broadcasting, excluding both full and partial use of commercial interests (collections, compilations, and other commercial products), without the written permission or formalized agreements with the copyright holders.



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