Here you can find buy and download : Exaella Anime۠Movie Edition HD, buy Exaella Anime OST, download ܅Exaella Kono Sekai ۠Music single. Also, here is available for download other downloadable music albums in electronic, soundtrack, ambient, experimental music, and other genres.

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We always welcome new visitors and especially those who share our interest in anime, manga, cyberpunk and similar genres. is a new line of audio-visual products, including original animated films and related products such as Soundtracks from originally produced Anime, as well as music albums and compilations (physical and digital) that relate to the current and future projects by the Creative Alliance of Andrew Oudot and Isakawa Denisu united in a single platform.

Our first production is a New Cyberpunk Anime - Exaella which was available at this trading platform as physical DVD and currently as Digital Download formats. It consists of Four Anime Episodes or Movie Version, of Exaella ® created by Andrew Oudot with the support of Isakawa Denisu and released under the registered trademark Andrew Oudot ®

The creative trading platform "" initially established in 2011 under the name "Cyberpunk Anime Shop" and has been launched specially for the release of the animated film - Exaella to make it available on the international market. is property of Andrew Oudot - a Registered Trademark (#471852, Moscow, Russian Federation) and powered by Creative Alliance of Andrew Oudot and Isakawa Denisu

All the products presented on this trading platform produced by Andrew Oudot and hold all necessary Production and Copyright Certificates released under the laws of the Russian Federation, certification and licensing valid under the Berne Convention.
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